For Advocates

Tips for Advocates and Other Victim Service Providers

The documents found on this page are available for Victim Service Providers. The documents will assist and aid in developing and setting up victim assistance office policies and procedures as well as aid in tracking victim services. The Office of the Attorney General, Department of Crime Victim Compensation will periodically update this section to provide tips and tools to assist Victim Service Providers statewide. Please feel free to download any of the documents and alter as needed for your program.

If you are a Court Based Victim Advocate in the Solicitor’s Office, you may download the Department of Crime Victim Compensation’s Office of Victim Assistance Funding Financial & Programmatic Report for Victim Services and use it to assist in preparing the required annual report. However, you are asked not to alter this report and to be as detailed as possible when filling out the report..

  1. DCVC Tips for Advocates (PDF)
  2. DCVC Annual Financial and Programmatic Report for Victim Services (for Solicitor Court Based Victim Advocates only)
  3. DCVC Technical Assistance Advocate Checklist (DOC)
  4. DCVC Sample Victim Advocate Procedural Manual (PDF)

DCVC Assigned Territory List (PDF)

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Requirements: Crime Victim Compensation (PDF)

Exposed HIV Victims

EspanolDCVC Spanish Documents

  1. DCVC Application
      Solicitud – compensación para víctimas de crimen
  2. Compensation Brochure
      Fiscalía General - Departamento de Compensación a Víctimas de Crimen
  3. Payment and Reimbursement at A Glance
  4. Employer’s Lost Wages Support Report
      Informe del empleador – Pérdida de salario/apoyo
  5. Self Employment Verification of Loss Wages
      Verificación de pérdida de salario para empleados autónomos
  6. Mental Health Counselor’s Report
      Informe del Asesor de salud mental del DCVC
  7. Additional Counseling Session Form
      Formulario de solicitud de sesiones de asesoramiento adicionales del DCVC
  8. Physician’s Disability Report
      Informe de Discapacidad del Médico
  9. Physician’s Disability Loss of Support
      Informe de Discapacidad/Pérdida de Apoyo del Médico
  10. Funeral Case Status Form
      Formulario de estado de caso por presentación de factura por funeral
  11. Memorandum of Understanding
      Memorando de entendimiento
  12. Eligibility Criteria
      Criterios de elegibilidad del DCVC
  13. Domestic Violence Poster (Couple)
  14. Domestic Violence Poster (Family)
  15. Domestic Violence Poster (Friend)
  16. Sexual Assault Poster
    • Child Abuse Poster
      • Victims’ Rights Poster
          Derechos Constitucionales de las Víctimas de Crimen de Carolina del Sur
      • Sexual Assault Brochure
          Compensatorios para Víctimas de Agresión Sexual
      • Bullying Brochure
          ¿Es usted víctima de intimidación?

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      1. June 21, 2019
      2. June 18, 2018